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Report on Ballinteer Parish Assembly

The Parish Assembly was held on 18th November 2017.
To see the report of the Assembly click below

Parish Assembly 18th November 2017

Our previous Parish Assembly was held on 26th May 2012.
To see the report of the Assembly with some nice
photos of the occasion just click below

Parish Assembly May 2012

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Parish Walking Group

Kilmashogue Wood Car Park — Saturday mornings — 11 am for approximately one and a half hour walk.

There may also be a 9.30 am walk, but it is important to phone 01 4945397 in advance to check situation.

Enquiries are very welcome. Phone 01 4941948 for further information).

or e-mail the Parish Office at

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His Holiness Pope John Paul II died on the 2 April 2005.

 Click on his photo below to read about our beloved Pope John II.

Pope John Paul II- Click Here        

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Pope Benedict XVI resigned on 28th February 2013.

Pope Benedict XVI        

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope on 19 April 2005 and choose the name Pope Benedict XVI.
He resigned for reasons of health on 28th February 2013. He was succeded on 13th March 2013 by Pope Francis.
We in Ballinteer Parish pray for Pope Francis and we also remember Pope Benedict XVI in our prayers.

 Click on his photo above to read about Pope Benedict XVI.

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His Holiness Pope Benedict's Pastoral Letter to the Catholics of Ireland, April 2010.

Click below to read the Pope's letter.

Pope's Pastoral Letter

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Pope Francis was elected on 13th March 2013.

Pope Benedict XVI        

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina, was elected Pope to succeed
Pope Benedict XVI on 13th March 2013 and chose the name Pope Francis.

We in Ballinteer Parish pray for Pope Francis and we also remember Pope Benedict XVI in our prayers.

 Click on his photo above to read about Pope Francis

You can also see & listen to music from the Sistine Chapel famed for its Michelangelo frescoes.
Use your mouse to move around and see this magnificent chapel where the new Pope was elected

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Ministers of the Word

Ministers Of The Word proclaim the Word Of God, reading the Sacred Scripture during Mass and other Church ceremonies.

Just as we need The Bread Of Life, so too do we need The Word Of God. Scripture is a source of great hope and light in times of darkness and sorrow.

The Ministry Of the Word Of God is an important lay contribution to the life of the Church. Becoming a Reader will give you an opportunity to partake more fully in The Mass and you will also help your fellow parishioners towards a greater understanding of Scripture.

We are always looking to recruit additional Ministers, and expertise in public speaking or top grades in elocution lessons are NOT required! What is needed is a commitment to your faith. Everything else comes from The Holy Spirit.

Readers are only required to read at one or two Masses every five weeks. The Readers Group is divided into five rotating teams, each with a leader who organises the team on their week.


If you would like to find out more - or volunteer to join us - please contact

Brendan Lane, Secretary, phone:  2988977 or click below to send an e-mail:

Ministers of the Word

or Contact the Priests of the parish or the Parish Office.

To visit our Home Page and for suggestions for Ministers Of The Word on improving your reading simply click below:


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Repository Shop

The Parish Shop has a large selection of Spiritual reading, religious objects and cards for all occasions..........

Open after Saturday evening and after all Sunday morning Masses

Why not pay us a visit after Mass !

For all your requirements

Rosary Beads, Prayer Books,

Cards and Keepsakes,

Medals and Rosettes, Gifts and Souvenirs

Open after 6pm Mass on Saturday and all Sunday morning Masses.

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School Hall Bookings

Our Lady's School Hall may be booked by contacting :

Roger Walker,   Mobile No. 087 - 4334046

or click below to send an e-mail:-

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St. John the Evangelist Banners

Click below to see and also read about St. John's Banner's. Both are on display on the Sanctury wall behind the Altar in our Parish Church.

Click here to view larger photos and details of the Banners

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Couple Beatified on Mission Sunday, 19th October'08
Blessed Louis and Marie-Zelie Martin!!!


Louis and Marie-Zélie Martin, parents of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, were beatified
on Mission Sunday at the Cathedral of Lisieux.

Click below to read about their Beatification & also a link to the Little Flower website

Beatification of Parents St. Therese

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Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

The full sized statue of St. Pio which was purchased by the late Canon Battelle for the parish in Italy in 2003 may be seen in the Church.      

Blessing of Statue

The statue of St. Pio was blessed at the 7.30pm Mass on Monday 3rd November 2003 in Ballinteer Church.

Fr Richard Hendrick OFM, a former parishioner and now a Capuchin Priest, was invited back by Canon Battelle to bless the statue. Photos of the special mass may be seen by clicking on the image of St. Pio on our Home Page or just click here. Photos - Blessing of St. Pio

Prayer to
Saint Pio

O God, you gave Saint Pio of Pietrelicina, Capuchin priest, the great privilege of participating in a unique way in the passion of Your Son, grant me through his intercession the grace of … which I ardently desire; and above all grant me the grace of living in conformity with the death of Jesus, to arrive at the glory of the resurrection.

Glory be to the Father (three times)

Click on the photo below to read a summary of St. Padre Pio's Life.

The Life of St. Pio- Click Here        

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St. Valentine

Did you know that after more than 150 years ensconced in the Carmelite Church in Whitefriar Street, Dublin, the relics of St. Valentine were moved to Kildare on a temporary basis in 2007.

The small black & gold casket, which contains the remains of the martyr and a small vessel tinged with his blood was transported from Whitefriar Street to Whiteabbey Carmelite Church in Kildare Town in February 2007.

The journey was a somewhat nervous one for the relic's custodian's because the items lose their authenticity if the seal had been broken.

**   The good news is that the relics have been returned to the Carmelite Church in Whitefriar Street, Dublin   **

Click on the link below to read all about St. Valentine & the Temporay move.

St. Valentine's Relics & the Temporary Move !

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Visitors from Marlay Park !

One fine evening we were lucky that a parishioner on his way to 7.30pm mass had his camera with him when he spotted a few of our friends from neighbouring Marlay Park making their way into our church.

Click below to read all about it.

Visitors from Marlay Park !

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Sean Roche


Although the award to Sean was made back in 2007 we decided to leave
it up as Sean continues his good work in the area.

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council held an awards ceremony for the Tidy Districts Competition on Thursday, 11 October 2007. The was made by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council under their Tidy Districts Awards 2007.

Sean has been active in Woodpark Residents' Association for many years. Sean Roche one of twelve people in the County to receive a Community Environmentalist award from the Cathaoirleach, Councillor Denis O’Callaghan.


Congratulations Sean, you have done Ballinteer proud.

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St John the Evangelist, Ballinteer Parish

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