Fr. Matty O'Farrell

Fr Matty O'farrell arrived in Ballinteer in October 2001 and served in the Parish for 5 years. You may read about his welcome to the Parish, the interview he gave to the Parish Website after 2 & a half years here and finally his farewell mass and presentation by the Parishioners and Parish Pastoral Council in October 2006

Fr. Matty O'Farrell

Fr Matty O'Farrell

Ballinteer Welcomes Fr. Matty

Fr Matty O’Farrell

Fr Matty who is originally from Killenaule, Co. Tipperary was ordained to the priesthood in 1970.    He served for the first five years of his ministry in Newcastle in the north of England.

He entered the Dublin Diocese in 1975 and has served in Cabra West, North William Street, Lucan, Harrington Street, Terenure, and NewtownmountKennedy.

He also served in our neighboring parish of Dundrum from 1997 to 1999.

He arrived in Ballinteer in October 2001 to replace Fr Slattery who was appointed Parish Priest of Clontarf Parish.

We in the Parish of St. John the Evangelist, Ballinteer, warmly welcome Fr Matty and the initial response from parishioners who have met him is that he is a very friendly and approachable person.    We look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with him.    We wish him God’s Blessing in his new Parish and we would ask parishioners to remember him in their prayers.

Cead Mile Failte and God Bless you Fr Matty, Ballinteer welcomes you.

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St John the Evangelist, Ballinteer Parish

Fr Matty O'Farrell
Fr Matty O'Farrell
Fr Matty spoke to us about his time here in Ballinteer Parish. We recommend that you take a few minutes to read it and we just know that you will enjoy it............ .....

Fr Matty O'Farrell's Reflections

Fr Matty arrived in Ballinteer in September 2001 and took up duty a few weeks later in October when Fr Slattery left to take up his appointment as Parish Priest in St John's in Clontarf.

Fr Matty spoke to us about his time in Ballinteer and to try and capture his good will & enthusiasm we are bringing it to you just exactly as he spoke it.

This is Fr Matty O’Farrell from your Parish here St John’s, Ballinteer. I’m here over two & a half years now & I am very happy in the Parish and I have just been asked to update what’s on the Web.

I suppose the vocation of the priest in any parish is together with his brother priests and the laity to build up the kingdom of God as best we can and to make our parish a happy community where we're encouraging and helping and supporting each other in every way.

At the heart of the Parish I think is parish visitation trying to contact people and help people to have a sense of belonging and to be part of God’s kingdom in their own parish. Also together with our Parish Priest Fr Battelle and Fr O’Sullivan and myself and the Pastoral PPG Group we’re building up the ministries in the Parish. All the various ministries, we’ve 12 or 13 new Eucharistic Ministers, we’ve a lot of new Readers, we have about 16 to 18 new Altar Servers in the past year and a half and all the other ministries as well. There’s about 44 ministries in the parish altogether if you include GAA and all kind of clubs and Faith & Light Group and Visitation Groups. So building up the ministries is very important as well and trying to get young people involved.

I said a minute ago as well the importance of parish visitation ‘cause that’s the only way you really get to know the people well when you visit the homes, have a cup of tea with them, bless the homes and be part of their lives and journey with them and that they be part of yours.

Also I think if you try to encourage young people to be involved in the various ministries, the only way you get young people involved is to get to know them and the way you get to know them is through parish visitation when you chat to them and get to know them well then when you come back to them a month or two down the line they will be much more willing to get involved as a reader or a minister of the Eucharist or whatever.

So parish visitation is very important building up the ministries and building up the community and of course good liturgies are at the heart of the community to try to do the best you can. All the priests try to do the best they can, to have good Baptisms, good wedding celebrations, good funerals and trying to get other people involved in the liturgies as well. We have a mass annually for the GAA for the deceased members of the GAA and we are trying to get the cubs, scouts and venturers to parade regularly in the Church and to get involved in the liturgies as well.

I’m very happy in the parish. There is a great spirit here and a great welcome from everybody, very generous people and we get great support from the people and the three priests are very happy together as well. So just to say thanks for your support and we’ll all continue to help each other as best we can in the years that lie ahead.

God Bless.

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St John the Evangelist, Ballinteer Parish

Fr Matty O'Farrell
Fr Matty O'Farrell

Special mass to celebrate Fr Matty's 5 years in Ballinteer.

Date : Saturday 21st October 2006

Time : 6pm Mass

Refreshments after Mass in School Hall.

Everyone is Very Welcome

Fr Matty O'Farrell has moved on as Rector of St. Nicholas of Myra Parish, Kinsealy, Co. Dublin at the beginning of August 2006 after a very successful 5 years in Ballinteer.

The Parish Pastoral Group has arranged that the 6pm Mass on Saturday 21st October next will be dedicated as a special Mass for Fr Matty to thank him for his 5 years of dedicated service in the parish. It would be nice if there was a good attendance and we ask that you pass on the word to your friends who may like to attend the Mass. The Mass will be celebrated by Fr Matty and all of the Priests of the parish, Fr Richard Behan, P.P. , Fr O'Sullivan and Canon Battelle, will be present to extend their thanks to him.

After Mass everyone is invited to join Fr Matty & the Priests in the School Hall for some tea, cake and sandwiches.

If you would like to contribute towards a presentation to Fr Matty you may take an envelope which are available on the tables inside all of the Church doors. The envelopes which have "Fr Matty's Presentation" printed on them may be returned to the Sacristy or left in the collection baskets at all Masses on Sunday 15th October or if you prefere to any of the Priests of the parish.

Fr Matty endeared himself to everyone in the parish especially the children and parents of both Our Lady's Boy's & Girl's National Schools.

Canon Battelle, who was the Parish Priest during Fr Matty's time here, made a presentation to him on behalf of the Parishioners, for which an emotional Fr Matty expressed his gratitude. Fr Richard Behan P.P. & Fr Jim O'Sullivan also took part in the presentation. Noel Ryan, on behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council, presented him with a beautiful framed sketch of the Church and Presbytery's.

Left to Right Canon Battelle, Noel Ryan PPG, Fr Matty & Fr Behan P.P.
Canon Battelle made a presentation to Fr Matty on behalf of the Parishioners of Ballinteer.

Fr Matty's presentation

Noel Ryan presents a framed sketch of the Church to Fr Matty

We bid Fr. Matty a fond farewell and wish him God's blessing in his move. May he be received well in his new parish as he will be missed here.

Slán agús beannacht Fr Matty, Ballinteer will miss you.

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