Dundrum Citizens Information Centre

A Free & Confidential Service

Ballinteer Parish is pleased to let you know of this FREE Service which is located in  :   Unit 2,  Level 5,  Dundrum Town Centre,  Sandyford Rd,  Dundrum,  Dublin 16.  Tel: 296-0713,   Opening Hours, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.   Scroll down for more details...... .........

Benefits,   Consumer, Entitlements,  Health,  

Local Information,  Pensions,   Social Services,  Tax.

A Free and Confidential Service providing information on topics such as Health,   Social Welfare & Disability Services -   Tax -   Family Matters -   Employment -   Housing -  Consumer Issues -  Legal & Civil Rights - Forms.

There is also a Free Legal Advice Service.

Financial Advice by Appointment.


Do you know that you can drop into the Centre and pick up applications forms for the following:

Passports,  E111 Forms for Travelling,  Birth Certificates,  

Driving Licence,   Marriage Registration,  Medical Forms.

Contact details  : Unit 2, Level 5,  Dundrum Town Centre,  Sandyford Rd,  Dundrum,  Dublin 16.

Telephone 01-296-0713.   or e-mail : dundrum@citinfo.ie

Opening Hours :

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Monday to Friday.

There are 3 'clinics', ALL by appointment, being Legal, Financial and Employment.

You may also contact the Dundrum Citizens Information Centre by e-mail by simply clicking on the Logo below.

They look forward to helping you and everyone is very welcome.

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