In Memory Of

Alice Sarsfield R.I.P.

Alice Sarsfield

Chairperson, Parish Pastoral Council

Alice Sarsfield R.I.P.
Died 10th August 2011

The Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council, Alice Sarsfield, passed away peacefully on Thursday 10 August 2011 at the Hospice in Harold’s Cross.
Alice had been a very active member of the parish since its foundation. Canon Battelle acknowledged her great contribution to the many retreats and parish activities organised during his time as parish priest and I too wish to acknowledge her enormous contribution as the Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council in the five years since my arrival.

Anyone who knew Alice, knows that if she was involved in anything, she gave it 100%. We are deeply indebted to all that she achieved in the parish and are sure that God will reward her for all her goodness. May she rest in peace.

Fr. Richard

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